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  1. Describe your project. Is it a new site, a redesign, or an update?
  2. What problems will this technology project solve or what new capabilities will it provide for your organization?
  3. If you have made a decision beforehand, indicate whether this site relies on a database to display information or will be "static".

  1. Provide a budget range so your we can scale our proposal accurately.
  2. Indicate whether your organization is ready to start work, or you have to raise money to begin the project. If you do need to raise money, we may be able to help you describe the project in order to maximize your chances of receiving funding.

  1. Tell us about your organization. Provide links to information on your existing Web site, if applicable. When was your organization founded? How many staff members does your organization have?

  1. Define the audience that will be using the site. Do you have a defined group of users or "stakeholders" who will be regularly using the site and have different needs?
  2. Will the entire site be accessible to the general public?
  3. Will logins be required? Will there be a separate section for "members" or "admins"?
  4. Do you need the capability for staff or members to "log in" to access special information?

  1. Essential components: are there certain features that are essential to any proposal you will consider?
  2. Non-essential components: Are there other features of your site that you would like but are not essential to submitted proposals?

  1. If the site is database driven, what types of information will you regularly need to draw from it?

  1. Design parameters
  2. Accessibility/Usability
    1. Bobby-approved site means it is section 508 compliant
    2. Usability testing mid-stream will validate navigation choices
  3. Platform, if applicable
    1. Is this a redesign of a current site? If so, in what language is the current site built? (ex: cold fusion, ASP, PHP, Dreamweaver)
    2. On what format is the current site hosted? (Ex: NT, UNIX, Apache)
  4. eCommerce
    1. Are you using an eCommerce system now?
    2. If so, what are you using?

  1. Do you have existing pages of Web content that you expect your Web developer to add to the new site? (Provide a map of your current site indicating how many pages will need to be transferred)
  2. Do you have existing databases that will need to be imported or connected to the new site?
  3. Do you have existing e-Commerce systems, web forums or other tools that the new site should be connected to?

  1. Point of contact/ project manager
  2. Do you have a technology staff that we should plan to work with?

  1. Develop RFP process (forward email address for questions on RFP)
  2. RFP release date
  3. Submission of questions on RFP
  4. Proposals due
  5. Initial meetings
  6. Drop-dead Date (no new concepts/functionality added)
  7. Beta site launch
  8. Proposed site launch